3rd Round of Consolations

Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 3:30 PM


Cael Markle, Saucon Valley, pinned, Carver Moyer, Salisbury Township, 3:50

Bout 231

William Schwartz, Jim Thorpe, pinned, Lukas Ferguson, Lehighton, 1:36

Bout 232


Danny Grigas, North Schuylkill, won by decision against, Gabe Heaney, Jim Thorpe, 6-4

Bout 235

Mikey Meyers, Williams Valley, won by decision against, Blake Sheridan, Wilson Area, 3-2, UTB

Bout 236


Kevin Dyer, Saucon Valley, won by decision against, Mason Brensinger, Northwestern Lehigh, 9-5

Bout 239

Preston Bauer, Northern Lehigh, won by decision against, Carmen Rawlinson, Wilson Area, 8-4

Bout 240


Blake Harner, Tri-Valley, pinned, Ethan Miernicki, North Schuylkill, 2:25

Bout 243

Benjamin Griffith, Northwestern Lehigh, pinned, Bradshaw Henning, Catasauqua, 0:55

Bout 244


Dennis Lombardi, Palmerton, pinned, Donovan White, Northwestern Lehigh, 2:53

Bout 247

Ayden Ney, Pine Grove, pinned, Dustin Hunara, Wilson Area, 2:45

Bout 248


Benjamin Haubert, Palisades, won by decision against, Harrison Bernhard, Northwestern Lehigh, 4-3

Bout 251

Chase Esterline, Williams Valley, won by decision against, Cole Eberts, Tamaqua, 5-4

Bout 252


Shawn Gardner, Palmerton, pinned, Caleb Sell, Tamaqua, 3:46

Bout 255

Thomas Allison, Mahanoy Area, pinned, Christopher Charles, Pine Grove, 4:08

Bout 256


Joseph Abidelli, Northern Lehigh, pinned, Mason Smeland, Palisades, 0:47

Bout 259

Matt Lalik, Palmerton, pinned, Caleb McDermott, Jim Thorpe, 0:46

Bout 260


Williard Dellicker, Northwestern Lehigh, pinned, Eric Moyer, Panther Valley, 2:09

Bout 263

Khalid Holland, Tamaqua, won by major decision against, Hunter Fierro, Palmerton, 11-0

Bout 264


Alexis Perez, Mahanoy Area, won by decision against, Ryan Havercamp, Northwestern Lehigh, 3-2

Bout 267

Cayden Trimmer, Wilson Area, won by decision against, Jarrett Hirschbeck, Saucon Valley, 7-5

Bout 268


Carson Krell, Tamaqua, won by decision against, Tyler Watson, Northwestern Lehigh, 8-4

Bout 271

Danny Lawrence, Mahanoy Area, won by major decision against, Adam Reinhart, Catasauqua, 14-3

Bout 272


Dominic Bandle, Northern Lehigh, won by decision against, Cole Warren, Williams Valley, 8-2

Bout 275

Kendall Herron, Jim Thorpe, won by decision against, Brandon Eberts, Tamaqua, 6-3

Bout 276


Christian Rodriguez, Lehighton, won by decision against, Jason Hunter, Northern Lehigh, 4-1, TB2

Bout 279

Michael Ansbach, Mahanoy Area, pinned, Eshan Swartz, Notre Dame of Green Pond, 4:36

Bout 280


Roger Russell, Wilson Area, won by decision against, Faizan Ali, Williams Valley, 5-4

Bout 283

Levonte Bouie, Catasauqua, pinned, Stone Clouser, Tri-Valley, 4:08

Bout 284